Escursiomania JCP of Jean Claude Pucci Località Bettarello n.2, 59024 Vernio (PO) P.Iva:02050670500 mail to: call to: 0039 333 4736560
looking behind you can see the Pania della Croce
Duration: 5 or 6 days.Start this great experience in order to be protagonists of an unforgettable trek
  • The Apuan Alps represent a formidable hiking environment , with significant panoramic, geological and historical values ​​, which will provide great and intense emotions. Start this great experience  in order to be protagonists of an unforgettable trek, you will walk immersed in original and unexpected alpine environments with sea around the corner.
  • I) First stage – 400m above sea level Metato – ref Forte dei Marmi 865 m above sea level
    Estimated effective Way : 4h .
    Ascent-Discent: 575m-285m

    II) Second stage ref Forte dei Marmi 865m above sea level – 1180m above sea level ref Del Freo

    Estimated effective Way : 5h .

    Ascent-Discent: 445m -120m

    III) Third stage ref Strong Freo 1180m above sea level – 1100m above sea level Cleaned

    Estimated effective Way : 3.30h .
    Ascent-Discent: 400m – 230m
    IV) Fourth stage ref Cleaned 1100m above sea level – 1500m above sea level ref In Accounts

    Estimated effective Way : 4.30h .
    Ascent-Discent: 500m – 200m and

    V) Fifth stage Rif.N.Conti – surroundings – Rif.Orto di Donna

    Estimated effective Way : 4h (+2 heventualmente the summit M.Pisanino ) .
    Ascent-Discent: 500m (extra peak +260 m) and 400m ( mt Pisanino with extra – 247m )

    VI) Sixth stage – Rif.Orto di Donna – Rif.Città Carrara

    Estimated effective Way : 5.5h . max
    Ascent-Discent: 500m (max) -300m (max)

  • We expect a trek with daily stages average of 4 hours minimum up to a maximum of 8 hours actually of walk divided between the morning and afternoon (depending on the pace of the group) departures in the morning after 1.30 / 2 hours after waking up and arrival at the refuge 1 / 1.30 before dinner. The routes of the Apuan Alps are on average easy , but they require commitment , sometimes with the presence of small exposed sections or medium difficulty. The trekkers enjoy the full board directly from the mountain huts scattered along the path. Breakfast and dinner at the shelter, the lunch will be packed , the menu usually includes no more than two different flow rates, the rooms/dorms are multiple but clean , own sleeping bag , shared bathrooms. If you choose to be led by walking in order to experience the Marble Mountains the guide will give you all possible assistance both before and during the trek , after took  delivery of the customers. It is expected from the guide, therefore, information and explanation of the various details that you meet and in added to that a management and a general organization of timing and steps during the trail, receiving assistance for every evenienza.
  • You can choose among several options in order to face the walk experience. You can let us carry your heavy luggage, booking directly the huts, and just reserve the guiding service. Otherwise you can ask a picking up at beginning or at the end of the trip. You can rent by us a GPS instrument with preloaded tracks.

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