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Duration: 5 excursions
The guide Stefano Lera worked out and proposes this tour

The guide Stefano Lera worked out and proposes this tour








  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of North West Tuscany. Discover the unique characteristics of the region such as landscapes, flavours, colours and monuments.

    During this guided tour you will visit fascinating places, walk on picturesque hill paths and reach impressive rocky peaks. We guarantee you’ll never forget the sights, tastes and warmth of this typical Tuscan welcome.

  • Monti Pisani: In the footprints of Dante and ancients hermits.

    The walk runs on the Monti Pisani, a little mountain chain that divides the cities of Lucca and Pisa.

    The fragrant mediterranean vegetation infuses the air, with the views making this walk fascinating.

    Along the path we’ll meet towers and castles, memories of an ancient rivalry between the two cities, ancient hermitages and a pass that takes its name from the father of the Italian language.


    Duration (approximately) 4 hours


    It’s possible to use the train at the start and the finish


    Apuan Alps: Grazings and fantastic stories

    The Apuan Alps are unique mountains where white marble contrasts with green pastures. We’ll be greeted by a fairy tale valley sorrounded by formidable peaks with views of the sea that will leave you speechless.

    In the afternoon we’ll visit one of the beauties of this province: the small town of Barga, Florentin, a renaissance jewel in the land of Lucca.


    Duration (aproximately ) 2 hours


    Optional extra to visit an ancient mill


    Massaciuccoli: an inspiring lake

    The Romans chose this place to build a magnificent villa and later the Master Giacomo Puccini gained inspiration fpr his operas from these beautiful views. The peace and the beauty of this corner of Tuscany will certainly impress you.


    Duration (aproximately) 2 hours



    Lucca’s Hills: The noble estate of the Republic

    One of the most beautiful villas in Tuscany can be found in Lucca’s Hills. It was populated by counts and princesses and is now the choice of many couples for fairy tale weddings. In the afternoon we’ll reach one of the most beautiful medieval villages of the area, crossing an ancient forest populated by legendary witches.


    Duration (aproximately) 2 hours


    Optional extra to visit a wine cellar

    Freddana valley: Francis Road over looked by one of the “eyes” of the ancient Republic

    The destination of this walk is an old tower used in the past as a lookout for the city.

    The tower makes this a perfect panoramic place to admire Lucca and the sorroundings. It provides a fantastic view of the ancient Francis Road, one of the most important routes during the Middle Age.


    Duration (aproximately) 4 hours


    Optional extra to visit an ancient traditional mill and a wine cellar

  • Hi i'm Stefano Lera! I'm a qualified nature guide and my mission is to help you to fall in love with my region and my favourite places. Follow me across monumental forests and green fields, on magic mountains and romantic hills, picturesque villages and ancient ruins.

    Come and discover another Tuscany, the wildest...the greenest!


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