Escursiomania JCP of Jean Claude Pucci Località Bettarello n.2, 59024 Vernio (PO) P.Iva:02050670500 mail to: call to: 0039 333 4736560

experiences and feelings behind words

  • job, hobby and world

    In this world each one should have his own role. What we chose has been led by passion  and enthusiasm: spending time and learning with people in an amazing and relaxing background, merging into it together. We think: giving to our participants a beautiful and fulfilling moment can gratify all of us, helping to face better the less pleasant life aspects. This can contribute to understand better our self and our damaged world in order to learn to respect it. If we improve our awareness by knowing deeply the cultural, social and enviromental web all around us, we can preserve it for next generations. We don’t need, as normal people, to do something big, we need basically to change our behavior starting from the small things. For example  if we are around we try to leave the places we visited more cleaner than we found. We can do business without destroying.