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I was born and raised in Germany, and I moved to Italy at the age of 18, I lived in Cremona and attended the violin making school while starting to enjoy this beautiful country. I moved to Tuscany 4 years later and as my love for this country was growing, so was the passion for nature and discovery. In 2003 I took the environmental guide school and right after I started working as a guide all around Italy, from Tuscany, to Sardinia, Puglia, Liguria and so on. I love biking and walking and taking the time to enjoy nature, observe birds which I am passionate about, share the beauty of the Italian landscapes with others who wish to know  and explore this country, so rich in culture, history and botanical varieties.  I love to take people to various tastings and allow them to discover the so many different kinds of food and wines that Italy is so rich of, and to appreciate the Italian cuisine at its best while visiting the different regions.


Jean Claude


kamchatka 08 167The first time that i guided a tour was in 1994 during the university education. That time i led Italian people in a wild area of iron hills. A couple of months later i was advertising my own offers by walking and biking. I felt good by working in nature and culture places with people, much better than in a lab. A lot of things occurred in a couple of years until today. During those several years i could improve my knowledges about people and their needs, about walking and bike trips and about how to put all of it together harmonious

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